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Packaging Equipment

Accutek Packaging Equipment Companies, Inc. is one of the largest packaging machinery manufacturers in the United States. The Accutek Family of companies include Accutek Packaging, Biner Ellison, Labelette Labelers, Phase Fire Shrink Technologies, KISS Packaging, and Gold Cup Sealers. The Accutek Companies are leading developers and manufacturers of complete turnkey packaging solutions. A wide variety of bottling equipment is available including filling machines, capping machines, bottle unscramblers, bottle rinsers and washers, heat and induction sealing machines, and complete turn-key solutions.

Filling Equipment

Filling Machines

A wide variety of filling equipment is available to accommodate nearly every type of filling product you may encounter. Thin, viscous, foamy, chunky, acidic, or whatever the complexity of your non-carbonated project may be the Accutek Companies have a solution.

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Capping Equipment

Capping Machines

The Accutek Companies have a number of type of capping equipment available for securing most cap types onto an assortment of bottle and container types. Out capping machines utilize the latest technology to achieve the highest speeds and most accurately capped bottles on the market.

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Capping Equipment

Bottle Orientators & Bottle Unscramblers

Accutek's Bottle Unscramblers & Bottle Orientators are manufactured and designed for long lasting durability and reliable operation. Easy to use and setup; Accutek's bottle unscramblers can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of container shapes and sizes.

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Capping Equipment

Bottle Washers and Bottle Rinsers

Accutek has both Automatic Bottle Washers & Bottle Rinsers and rotary solutions. Utilizing compressed gas, sanitizing solution, or just plain water the Accutek washers and rinsers make a great addition to any bottling or packaging line. Each machine is constructed of stainless steel and includes an include a “no-bottle no-rinse” feature.

For small to medium production rinsers visit

For large volume production rotary rinsers visit

Capping Equipment

Induction Sealers

Accutek offers semi automatic and automatic induction sealers compatible for use with 3M, Tri-Seal, Top Seal, or even Enercon induction seal foil liners and inserts. Multi-controls allow you to “dial-in” optimal seal timing and heat generated for any seal.

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